Haemoctin® SDH

Human Plasma Coagulation Factor VIII

Therapeutic Indication:

Treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding in patients with haemophilia A (Congenital Factor VIII Deficiency) and in patient with acquired factor VIII deficiency. Although Haemoctin SDH contains defined quantities of von Willebrand factor (vWF), it is not approved for the treatment of von Willebrand’s disease.

  • Composition: Human Plasma Coagulation Factor VIII.
  • Pharmaceutical Form: Powder and Solvent for Solution for Injection.
  • Method of Administration: Intravenous.
  • How Supplied: 250 IU (50 IU / ml), 500 IU (50 IU / ml) and 1000 IU (100 IU / ml) vials.
  • Manufacturer: Biotest AG, Germany.

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