Quality Assurance

Commitment to Quality

Transmed Pharma operates under strict and well-defined processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that meet international quality standards for business process control including material handling, integrated logistics, warehousing management and distribution. We have rebuilt our systems from the ground up to comply with international quality standards including Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and WHO’s Good Storage Practices (GSP). Additionally, and to ensure drug and medical device safety, we have implemented product traceability processes and supporting systems to comply with our partners Pharmacovigilance and EU MDR requirements.


Transmed Pharma is committed to the highest international standards of corporate governance, ethics and transparency. Our strict adherence to all medical regulatory procedures and full compliance with quality standards has enabled us to maintain long-term relationships with our manufacturing partners and healthcare providers, securing a reliable supply of vital products to our local markets.Transmed Pharma’s comprehensive approach to building compliance into the way we do business prompted the implementation of a company-wide compliance management programs designed to reduce risk, enhance management controls, and ensure compliance.